Providing highest recognition rates in the industry INEX/ZAMIR's ALPR technology is, helps the tolling industry protect against system violations. See us in action
INEX/ZAMIR's world-class ALPR vehicle recognition technology can help your organization improves security by automatically identifying vehicles of interest and suspicious traffic patterns. See us in action.
Whether as a stand-alone system or integrated with the world's leading access control systems, INEX/ZAMIR systems will illuminate entry lines and improve security of your facilities. See us in action.
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INEX/ZAMIR has been supplying proven ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) / ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology since 1993. We are the resource that organizations around the world turn to for license plate reader cameras and tailored solutions. Using advanced IR (infrared) LED technology, INEX/ZAMIR solutions effectively capture license plate data from passing vehicles in real time at anytime day or night.

Whether you require license plate reading for number plate capture for security, safe city initiatives including those requiring integration with video management solutions (VMS) or physical security information management (PSIM) system, credentials for access control, parking access and revenue control or intelligent transportation systems such as toll violation enforcement systems (VES), all electronic tolling (AET), open road tolls (ORT), travel time reporting or traffic surveillance, INEX/ZAMIR will provide you with the hardware and software solutions that get the project to completion on time and to your specification.

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Security and Safe City | Scaled ALPR vehicle ALPR solutions for parking systems Tolling and ITS ALPR solutions

Capturing license plate numbers and matching against a database of vehicles of interest is an ideal use for INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR systems.

Parking operators profit from the accurate plate reading afforded by INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR systems.

ITS benefit from lower tolling Violation Enforcement Systems (VES)costs and improved traffic congestion relief when using INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR solutions.

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INEX/ZAMIR is the most widely integrated automatic license plate reading for vehicle recognition solution in the world. Our partners include: