IZ Designs, Develops & Manufactures Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Devices & Intelligent Software for Vehicle Identification
IZ System identifies Vehicles & License Plates with high accuracy at all weather, car speed, and lighting 24/7
IZ Surveillance ALPR System automatically identifies vehicles of interest and suspicious traffic patterns.
IZ stand-alone system or integrated with other access control systems will eliminate entry lines and improve security of your facilities.
IZ Enforcement System automatically identifies speed, red light, direction of travel and bus lane violations.

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INEX/ZAMIR is pleased to introduce the new (5.21) version of IZLaneManager Software

It is our honor to announce the new updated version of IZ_LaneManager. The new version is unmatched in quality: It has a friendly web interface that can be opened by any browser [more...]

New All In One Imager - IZA500

INEX/ZAMIR is pleased to announce the introduction of the IZ 500, all in one imager. IZ500 combines camera, processor and software under one roof. [more...]

ISC West

Come and see INEX/ZAMIR's latest ALPR technology in-person at the upcoming ISC West trade-show at Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV April 15-17. Booth 18019; Booth 13074; and Booth 6039. [more...]

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License Plate Recognition in security applications License Plate Reader in the parking License Plate Reader on the highway tolling

Capturing license plate numbers and matching against a database of vehicles of interest is an ideal use for INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR systems.

Parking operators profit from the accurate plate reading afforded by INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR systems.

ITS benefit from lower tolling Violation Enforcement Systems (VES)costs and improved traffic congestion relief when using INEX/ZAMIR ALPR / ANPR solutions.

Our partners

INEX/ZAMIR is the most widely integrated automatic license plate reading for vehicle recognition solution in the world. Our partners include:

  • etecc partner
  • skidata integration
  • scheidt partner
  • amano mcgann partner
  • vglnt
  • geutebruck integration
  • dedicated micros integration
  • pcs csecurity integration
  • synel integration
  • abdi
  • hidglobal integration
  • delcan partner
  • vicon-security integration
  • onssi ocularis integration
  • nice integration
  • sw house integration
  • verint integration
  • lenel ongaurd integration