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The Israel National Police Is Gaining An ALPR System That Is Second To None.

In keeping with Israel’s traditional needs for the very best in security and surveillance systems, INEX/ZAMIR’s Fixed and Mobile ALPR System gives the Israeli Police the innovative and flexible design they require to maximize the value and utility of vehicle license plates in the ongoing process of security and surveillance.

The nature of this project has allowed INEX/ZAMIR the opportunity to develop a tightly integrated system with fixed and mobile applications that communications generated data seamlessly across each platform. ALPR Data generated from any of the system’s fixed positions is easily compiled and analyzed with data generated from one or more mobile units to create instant and actionable alerts received by all or specifically designated personnel, within the police central command and with each mobile unit, all without any operator interaction required.

But that’s just half the story, because operator interaction is one of the key features of the system. Police personnel at each mobile unit can interactively see specific ALPR data by location using the onboard GPS mapping based user interface displayed through each mobile unit’s industrial tablet PC. Police can choose single or multiple locations for reports with the swipe of their finger, instantly showing current and past activity for alert events and other important event information tied into the system from other 3rd party sources.

Not to be outdone by personnel in the field, the police central command has access to all the same features found within the mobile units, plus a full command and control structure that includes the ability to view all current and past ALPR activity via the system’s GPS mapping based interface in macro and micro form, attach additional characterizing information to each event record to create event profiles for added analytical benefits, generate instant reports from existing and manual queries to the system, and assign controls for access levels based on user credentials.

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