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license plate recognition solutions for Parking

INEX/ZAMIR's license palte and vehicle recognition solutions for parking applications are designed to help parking operators recoup lost revenues by preventing fraud and the difficulties resulting from lost tickets. Additional increases in efficiency and heightened security aid in lot and inventory management. INEX/ZAMIR's License Plate Recognition Short Range Cameras are the perfect solution for lot and parking access requirements. The system can improve speeds and reduce customer wait times in large lots, and function as the primary method of fee calculation and auditing, dramatically cutting costs in smaller facilities.

End users employing ALPR solutions from INEX/ZAMIR already know the many benefits to owning and operating our ALPR solutions. To find out what your organization is missing from its parking revenue system and infrastructure, click on any of the solutions listed below.

IZParking Parking ALPR systems Reduces Revenue Fraud And Allows Performance Of Occupancy Studies Provides Alternative Reference For "Lost Tickets", Improving Customer Service Improved System Speed And Efficiency Lowers Operators' Bottom Line Costs Provides Matched Entry-To-Exit Vehicle IDs Coupled To Parking System Transactiona For Simplified Vehicle Verification
IZParking-Mobile Parking mobile ALPR systems Rapid And Highly Accurate Vehicle Inventory Counts Reduces Revenue Fraud And Allows Performance Of Occupancy Studies Improves Customer Service By Pinpointing Exact Locations Of Lost Vehicles Features Include GPS-based Locationing And Vehicle Of Interest Alerting From Monitored Watchlists