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INEX TECHNOLOGIES offers a variety of license plate recognition software solutions to provide the perfectly tailored configurations for any application for vehicle recognition technology.  At the heart of these solutions is the IZLaneManager Automatic License Plate Recognition software engine, which manages the operations of the systems imagers, the ALPR data generation, and external communications with back office systems and/or any connected 3rd-party systems.  Managing all the generated data is the job of the IZ Application Suite, INEX TECHNOLOGIES’s premiere back office Operations, Administration and Management (OA&M) 

suite.  Available add-on software modules run through the IZ Integration Manager provide feature rich business logic for specialized data operations and integrations with 3rd-party systems

IZ Lane Manager Software
IZ Lane Manager Software
A turn-key software solution that performs instantaneous license plate recognition.
Manages Video From Connected Imagers, External Communications To any Connected Systems, And Internal Operations For Image Collection, Image Analysis, Image And Data Storage and Image and Data Transmission
IZ Application SuiteIZ Application Suite Full Command And Control Of The Complete ALPR Vehicle Recognition Applications including  Plate Matching, Vehicle Of Interest Monitoring, Access Control Operations, Parking, and Tolling.Web Platform Application With Browser Based Interface For Simple Operation By The End UserOut-Of-The-Box Data Management Tools For Viewing, Sorting, Searching, And Reporting Modular Platform Design Allows Extensions For Enhanced Business Logic Operations
IZ Integration Manager IZ Integration Manager License Plate Recognition Solution and 3-rd Party Software Integration Platform with Support for Integration Modules  Manages Customizable Plug-ins (Platform Extensions) For Enhanced Business Logic Operations Supports Unlimited Number Of Platform Extensions Supports integration with ore than 30 3rd party software vendors including Lenel, OnSSi, Verint, Nice, Amano, SkiData, ETC and many others
ALPR Software Engine
ALPR Engine Software
InSignia™ ALPR/ANPR Engine is the Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition software designed specifically for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), tolling and tolling violations marketplaces.
InSignia™ can be used as a primary or secondary ALPR/ANPR engine, to provide both real-time plate recognition and backend batch ALPR processing.